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OWA Partners with Paterson School 19: A Leap in Educational Support

One World Anchor (OWA), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free tutoring services, has extended its reach to Paterson School 19, thanks to the relentless efforts of its President, Sophia Jiang.

On September 19th, Sophia Jiang, alongside her dedicated team, attended the Parent-Teacher Conference at Paterson School 19, introducing OWA's invaluable services to the students and parents. During the conference, Sophia Jiang passionately presented OWA's mission to support students in their educational journey, offering long-term one-on-one tutoring services to those in need. The response was overwhelming, with more than 30 students signing up for personalized tutoring sessions, highlighting the pressing demand for such educational assistance within the community.

Commenting on this collaboration, Sophia Jiang, President of One World Anchor, expressed her gratitude, stating, "We are thrilled to partner with Paterson School 19 and extend our support to these bright young minds. Education is the key to unlocking limitless opportunities, and we are committed to providing the necessary resources and guidance to help these students thrive."

One World Anchor's initiative aligns with its mission to bridge educational gaps and empower students with the tools they need to succeed. By offering free tutoring services and collaborating with local schools, OWA continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students, fostering a brighter future for the entire community.

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