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Ever since our establishment in 2020, we've been committed to making a positive difference in the community. While keeping our organization in tune with local students by retaining a current leadership team consisting of high school students, our founder and previous leadership team members continue to play an active role in OWA's management and operations. They contribute to management tasks, career talks, volunteer training, and various other initiatives. As college students attending top-tier institutions like UCLA, U-Penn, UCSD, and more, they leverage their expertise in the field to assist fellow students. We're grateful for their ongoing support.

Our Leadership Team

Sophia Jiang


Irenka No


Katherine Kligys

South Bay Leader

(Leo) Shuheng Yan

Director of Bergen County

Helen Qi

Regional Director of Nanjing

Catherine Zhou

Chino Hills Leader

Cathy Qu


Ellie Chen

Director of Outreach

Benedetto Lozzano

NJ BT Director

Patrick Kopczynski

NJ Team Leader

Richard Fan

NorthCal Leader

William Chen

Leader of Fun Math

Claire Chen


Sunnie Li

VP of CA

Rachel Liao

Director of NJ

Ren (Jim) Zhen

Co-Director of Fundraising

Janna Tian

Diamond Bar leader

Dani Yao

Seattle Leader

Hao Lin


Stephanie Wang

Director of SoCal

Oscar Jepsen

NJ BT Team Leader

Lucas Sun

Director of Marketing

Cynthia Chen

Regional Director of Illinois

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