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Registration Open for 6th International Youth Forum on Ecological Civilization

OneWorldAnchor is a proud partner of the Claremont International Forum on Ecological Civilization. We work together to foster awareness of environmental protection and ecological issues among young adults, cultivating a sense of responsibility and engagement towards sustainable practices.

Registration is now open! Join us for the 6th International Youth Forum on Ecological Civilization, hosted at Claremont University on May 25, 2024! Explore the theme of 'The Great Turning: Towards an Ecological Civilization for the Collective Welfare of Humanity and Nature' and be a part of the movement.

The Claremont Youth Forum on Ecological Civilization 2024 is dedicated to offering a distinguished platform for young participants from various regions to showcase their endeavors, exchange ideas, and engage in collective learning. Participants will have the opportunity to articulate their perspectives on urgent environmental issues, such as climate change, biodiversity conservation, and the shift towards green energy. They are also encouraged to share their experiential knowledge and innovative projects in the realm of ecological preservation.

Whether contributing as speakers, members of the reporting team, or project exhibitors, participants will become an integral part of the journey towards constructing an ecological civilization. This forum is a venue for learning, growth, and the application of youthful vigor towards the realization of a more sustainable, harmonious, and enduring world.

For more details please visit their website at

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