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Research is fun and necessary!

We firmly believe that STEM is all about using the right tools to solve real-life problems. By working on a research project, students can learn valuable problem-solving skills, get early career exposure, and discover the purpose of learning.  

OneWorldAnchor Online Mentorship Program

We help high school students find research opportunities by connecting them with our mentors from a broad range of academic fields. Email us at with your resume and area of interest, and one of our research team members will reach out to you with more details. 

OneWorldAnchor Student Research Competition 

The OneWorldAnchor Student Research Competition is a yearly STEM research competition for students to showcase their outstanding research achievements. This is a unique opportunity for students to develop effective and essential science communication skills. Through presentation, feedback, and interaction with judges, students gain valuable experience to take with them throughout their careers. Those who are able to communicate the value of their research to a broad audience are at an advantage for their future work in the research enterprise.

New! 2023 OneWorldAnchor Student Research Competition Announced!

2022 OWA Student Research Competition Winners

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