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Recognition of One World Anchor's Achievements by Fort Lee Governors and Community Members

Fort Lee, May 7th, 2023 - A highly regarded event took place in Fort Lee, attended by approximately 200 community members, Fort Lee governors, and distinguished guests. The event recognized the outstanding accomplishments of One World Anchor, led by President Sophia Jiang.

One World Anchor's mission and contributions were showcased, highlighting their dedication to improving the lives of Fort Lee residents. President Sophia Jiang aimed to strengthen relationships with local authorities and demonstrate the organization's commitment to the community.

The councilman president, present at the event, expressed support for One World Anchor's work and acknowledged their invaluable contributions to the Fort Lee community. This recognition from a representative of the Congressman showcased the broader appreciation and recognition of One World Anchor's endeavors.

The presence of the congressman's office representative, councilman, and councilwoman of Fort Lee further underscored the significance of One World Anchor's achievements. Their attendance showcased their endorsement of the organization's work and its positive impact on Fort Lee communities. The resounding applause from these notable attendees emphasized their appreciation for One World Anchor's efforts.

By showcasing their achievements, One World Anchor and President Sophia Jiang have solidified their commitment to empowering Fort Lee communities.

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