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OneWorldAnchor Partners with Paterson School District and Offers Tutoring Service to 25,000 students

Great news from our New Jersey Branch! Thanks to the leadership and hard work of of our amazing volunteer Sophia, OneWorldAnchor has achieved a significant milestone by partnering with the Paterson School District. With 25,000 students in the Paterson area, the district's recent data showed that only 18% of Paterson students are proficient in math, while 30% are proficient in reading. Despite having 50 public schools, only two organizations, including OneWorldAnchor and the well-known tutoring company, have formed partnerships with the district.

As part of this partnership, OneWorldAnchor's platform information has been distributed to all Paterson public school principals, vice principals, and teachers, and it will also be available on the parent portal for all parents to access. The partnership's objective is to provide Paterson students with additional resources and support, with a specific focus on math and reading, to help them succeed in their academic pursuits. Congratulations to Sophia and the New Jersey Branch on this great achievement!

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