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Math Kangaroo Topics




5-6pm Wed


6 weeks

Starting date

Jul 14, 2022

About the Course

Are you interested in doing math competitions? Math competitions are events where people compete with each other to see who can solve the most math problems correctly in a certain amount of time. In this course, we will explore a fun math competition called Math Kangaroo. This is an annual international math competition held in many countries. If you enjoy solving math problems and are interested in learning how to improve your problem solving skills and achieve a higher score in math competitions, this class is for you. We will be doing math for an hour together and helping you prepare for the Math Kangaroo as well as other math competitions. In each class we will introduce a different math topic or subject. Classes are mainly designed for grade 3-6 mathletes, but all students are welcome!

Your Instructor

William Chen

William Chen

William Chen is a rising sophomore at Mira Costa and a docent for the UCLA Math Circle. He has also gotten an honorable mention in the USAJMO math contest. In his free time he likes to read, play video games, and play badminton.

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