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Rules for Registering Volunteer Hours

  1. Timely Submission: Volunteers must record and submit their hours within 4 weeks of completing their volunteer work. Late submissions may not be accepted or may require additional verification.

  2. Official Log Sheet: All hours must be recorded on the official OneWorldAnchor Volunteer Hours Log Sheet, available upon request.

  3. Accuracy: Volunteers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their recorded hours. Falsifying hours or activities is a serious offense and may result in disciplinary action.

  4. Supervisor Verification: All recorded hours must be verified and signed off by an authorized supervisor or coordinator. Unsigned or unverified hours will not be counted.

  5. Breaks: Breaks longer than 60 minutes should be deducted from the total volunteer hours for that day.

  6. Description of Work: Volunteers must provide a brief description of the tasks or activities they performed during their volunteer hours. Generic or vague descriptions may require further clarification.

  7. Multiple Shifts: If a volunteer works multiple shifts in a day, each shift should be recorded separately with its start and end times.

  8. Remote Volunteering: For remote or virtual volunteering, volunteers must provide evidence of their work, such as screenshots, emails, or project outputs, along with their logged hours.

  9. Travel Time: Travel time to and from the volunteering location can be included as volunteer hours if it's directly related to the volunteer activity and has been pre-approved by the organization.

  10. Training & Orientation: Hours spent in training, workshops, or orientation sessions related to the volunteer role can be counted as volunteer hours.

  11. Discrepancies & Disputes: Any discrepancies in logged hours or disputes regarding verification should be raised with the Volunteer Coordinator within 4 weeks of the incident. The organization's decision on such matters will be final.

  12. Recognition & Rewards: Volunteers who meet certain hour milestones may be eligible for recognition or rewards. Ensure that your hours are accurately recorded to be considered for these opportunities.

  13. Confidentiality: Volunteers must maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information they come across during their service. Recording or sharing such information outside the organization is strictly prohibited.

  14. Feedback: Volunteers are encouraged to provide feedback on their experiences, which can help improve the volunteer hour registration process and the overall volunteer program.

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