Words from Girls in Computing

Luyao @ Google

Building things is super fun. Coding is the language of the future, and with it you can change your imagination into reality! Having a career in tech is super cool as the changes you have made can affect millions (or more) of people in the world!
Luyao @Google

Scarlett @ Apixio

Learning computer science will enable you to build anything you want out of just lines of code; you are your own boss. It is exciting and fun to see your projects come to life and used by other people.

Cindy @ Autodesk

Technology is a handy tool that can support you to simplify mundane tasks and create enhanced user experience. Leverage it to pursue your passion!

Celia @ Microsoft

The world is yours. Take it and enjoy it with proper tools. Engineering is your tool.

Weiqun @ 36TechFreedom

I really got into programming and machine learning in 2015, almost ten years after I got my PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and worked as a material scientist. It was when I realized that I was missing a huge part of the world without seeing the world through computing and big data.  Along my new journey, I have been not only seeing more of the world but also interacting and impacting the world in ways that I could not imagine before. I am so glad for my decision back to 2015. It is never late to start, but it would be better if you can start early!

Miaomiao @ Databricks

To girls who have a dream in the tech industry: Don’t ask the question “if I can”, but ask the question “how I can”. “How can I be successful in tech? How can I help empower more girls to be successful in tech?” Be fearless and chase your dreams. Use the resources around you, and be a resource for others. Together, we can turn the “male-dominated tech industry” into history!

Hui @ Snapchat

I chose computer science as my major in college simply because I read a message about High Performance Computing and think it’s “cool”. After seeing how technology has changed every aspect of the world in the past decade, I’m glad I made the right decision, and really proud that the products we build have changed the way people communicate. How do you want to change the world? Use the power of technology.

Pei Wu @ CloudKitchen

Programming is a science but it is also an art. If you loving building crafts or creating concepts please do not hesitate to join us and make the world a better place in a different way!

Yanfang (Fanny) Ye
Faculty @ CWRU

“As cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) keep reshaping our world, if you have passion to make the world better by advancing AI and data-driven techniques , it’s never too late to begin with the journey of great excitement and fun.”

Ann @ Microsoft

Computer Science is the gateway to creativity. In this world with excessive information, coding is the tool to help you connect the dots among data, service and people. Even if you don’t end up becoming an engineer, trust me, coding will still be a valuable skill to have 🙂