Ongoing Classes

Intro To Python

Learn about basics of python in six weeks.

Intro to computer science principles

Learn python in 3 weeks

Intro To CSP
Important notice :
Class will start On July 10!

Free summer camp for all students interested in computer science. No prior knowledge needed

Intro To CSP

Sunnie is a senior at Valley Christian High School. Her dream is to help people in need. She is certificated in two University of Michigan Python
specialization courses. Sunnie uses her machine learning and coding skills to contribute to a publication in Nature and other ongoing projects at Stanford University.

Intro to Java

Free summer camp for all students interested in JAVA.


Art of Teaching in CS




We will have a poster competition, featuring 5 topics – Artificial Intelligence, Math, Biology, Physics, and Social Studies. Each subject will have its own separate judging, with prizes for first place, and runner-ups as well. The competition date is still being decided. Please check back again for the date.